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   Philanthropy & Giving



Jewish Women International thanks the following donors, who contributed individual gifts of $1,000 or more from July 1 through September 28, 2004. Please call 800-343-2823 to make additions or corrections.

Corporations and Foundations
Austin Police Department
Capital One Services, Inc.
Christadelphian Israeli Children’s Fund
Davis and Wilkerson, PC
Habitat Suites
The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, Va.
Junior League of Richmond
Kindertransport Association
Kraft Employee Fund Chicago
Kupfer and Rubel Holocaust Education Funds of the Richmond Jewish Foundation
Louis and Anita Perlman Family Foundation
Markel Corporation
Philip Morris USA
SunTrust Bank-Mid-Atlantic

Michael Churgin
Ruth Kava
Lotte Keller
Theodore Negrin
Ruth H. Ogulnick
The Pass Family
Gail W. Rubinson

Beatrice M. Gordon
Hannah Heymann
Jessica Kline
Betty Rashkov
Ruth Rayfield
Molly Trompeter
Betty Van Berg

JWI Launches Community Leadership Award

Giving is a treasured family tradition for Julie Bender Silver, who will receive Jewish Women International’s 2004 Community Leadership Award at the annual Women to Watch Gala Luncheon and Leadership Symposium on December 6, 2004, in Washington, D.C.

New Library Initiative How-To Packet Helps Communities Get Involved

Interest in creating children’s libraries in shelters and safe houses has been so strong across the country that Jewish Women International has created a how-to packet to help prospective participants plan, organize and implement a library in their community.

Woman blowing horn (Image Credit: ©2004 Joan Roth)Call to Action
Three Days to Educate, Motivate and
Change the World
March 20—23, 2005

Pursuing Truth, Justice and Righteousness: A Call to Action, the Second International Conference on Domestic Abuse in the Jewish Community, the three-and-a-half day gathering planned for March 20-23, 2005, is a forum to discuss, learn, share and commit to ending violence against all women.

Spreading the Word About the Needs Assessment
During October, Domestic Violence Awareness month, JWI led the way in organizing and supporting events designed to heighten awareness about the issue in the Jewish community.

The Art of Hope

In the midst of Terezin ghetto and concentration camp, artist Friedl Dicker-Brandeis taught children art, giving them hope and a sense of purpose.

In Business and in Life, Confidence Shapes Postive Outcomes

Is success simply a matter of money and talent? Or is there another reason why some people and organizations always land on their feet, while others, equally talented, falter?

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