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   Philanthropy & Giving



Jewish Women International thanks the following donors, who contributed individual gifts of $1,000 or more from January 1 through March 30, 2004. Please call 800-343-2823 to make additions or corrections.

Corporations and Foundations
Christadelphian Israeli Children’s Fund
GEICO Philanthropic Foundation
The Jewish Women’s Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago
William, Morris, and Betty Rashkov Charitable Trust
Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
Tudor Investment Corporation

Carol Bernick
Ruth T. Blond
Arnold L. Cohen
Sara Ann Cohen
Amy Robbins Ellison
Harriet Horwitz
Lotte Keller
Sanford King
Florence M. Lent
Diann G. Mann
Ruthann Pozez

Sarah L. Ashley
Martha Cohn
Sylvia Friedman
Florence Gluck
Rose Hellman
Hannah Heymann
Stefanie A. Jonas
Marion K. Newman
Alida Pakter
Grace Plotkin
Mildred Rosenberg
Sarah Orwasher Rubin
Sylvia Strauss
Hilda Strick

A Growing Call to Action
The Needs Assessment is an important part of JWI's Call to Action against domestic abuse.

Give Kids a Lift With JWI's Library Project

When women and children flee an abusive relationship, they often leave with only the clothes on their backs.

Honoring Distinguished Women

More than 100 women attended a May 2 luncheon in Philadelphia to honor five "Women of Distinction":

A Bar Mitzvah Thank-You
Breaking the glass at a wedding. The Hebrew naming of a baby. A child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Needs Assessment Defines Path for Helping Abuse Victims

In an era of limited resources, knowing howand whereto direct those resources is vital.

Helping Someone You Care About Survive Abuse

Picture this: You're sharing a smoothie with one of your friends after your regular evening workout.

JWI Making a Difference Locally

Brooklyn, N.Y.
Care Bears
It helps having someoneor somethingto hug.

JWI 2004–2006 Officers and Board Slate
The JWI Nominating Committee, meeting on March 28, selected the following candidates as officers and members of the 2004–2006 JWI National Volunteer Board.

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