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The Gift of Life (Insurance)

Making a planned gift to an organization you love takes serious thought and careful planning. So when Emily Weinger, longtime JWI supporter and current National Volunteer Board member, wanted to do something special to ensure the future of Jewish Women International, she looked for the best way she could make a meaningful gift to the organization. “I wanted to do something significant that would have a lasting impact,” she says. “And I wanted my gift to help ensure the long-term viability of the organization.”

With the counsel of a friend who is also her insurance agent, Emily decided on a life insurance policy, the proceeds of which will go to the Jewish Women International Endowment Fund. “I’m so pleased with this gift. I can increase my contributions to the organization and ensure a legacy that builds on my lifetime of work for JWI.”

If you would like to learn more about JWI’s planned giving programs, including gift annuities, bequests, insurance, and endowment opportunities, please contact Lori Weinstein, deputy director, at 800-343-2823.
North American Conference Draws JWI Leaders to Windy City

Women from across the United States and Canada are converging on Chicago for the JWI 2002 North American Conference, June 21–23. The conference will give attendees the opportunity to learn, share, work, meet with friends and celebrate the organization’s achievements while enjoying the city’s bustling lakefront.

The conference, which has as its theme, “One Woman, Many Voices,” will explore the strength of individual women—and the power of their united voices—through thought-provoking programs and superb speakers.

NTI Trains New Generation of Leaders

Anita Perlman, past JWI president and avid Jewish community volunteer and philanthropist, once said: “You haven’t given enough until you have given more than you can afford to give.” The JWI Anita Perlman Training Institute was founded on the principles Perlman emulated in her own work.

Contributors List

Jewish Women International sincerely thanks the following donors, who contributed individual gifts of $1,000 or more between January 22, and April 30, 2002. Please call the JWI National Service Center at 800-343-2823 to make additions or corrections.

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