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A Cup of Honor
Glass artist Leona Fein's new Miriam's cup ($150 plus S&H) will make a striking aesthetic statement on your Seder table.

Capturing the Great on Film
Lotte Jacobi (1896–1990) had the nerve to photograph Albert Einstein relaxing in his study wearing a leather jacket and aroused the criticism of the photographic establishment.

Creating New Seder Traditions
In Make Your Own Passover Seder: A New Approach to Creating a Personal Family Celebration (Jossey-Bass, $19.95), Rabbi Alan Abraham Kay, spiritual leader of Temple Beth Emeth in Mount Sinai, N.Y., and his wife Jo Kay, director of the School of Education at Hebrew Union College in New York City, offer ideas for hosting a Seder that is filled with warmth, meaning and relevance.

Linda Fairstein
The former New York City DA thrills readers with fictional mysteries too complex and bizarre to have grown out of anything but real-life experience.
From Boys to Mensches

Ophelia, move aside: With the crises of adolescent girls now well documented, the plight of boys has begun to hit the radar.

Five-Star Seder

Having Seder at a fine restaurant is an antidote for holiday homesickness—and the food may be better than mom's.

Ethnic Style

Being Jewish and hip is now just a T-shirt away. Twenty- and thirtysomethings, especially, are snapping up the new pro-Semitic garb bearing slogans that declare their Jewish identity.

Jewish and Pregnant

Pregnancy is a time of change physically, but also spiritually and emotionally.

Get Ready to Be Stimulated
These exciting programs are planned for the coming months. Want to attend? Call JWI at 800-343-2823 to learn more.

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