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Vanquishing Matzoh Crumbs
"'Tis the gift to be simple," the old Shaker song says. The Crumb-Buster may be simple in design, but it performs an invaluable service: ridding the Seder table of the inevitable accumulation of matzoh crumbs.

Passover Place Setting
Even the children can change their dishes for Passover, thanks to "My Little Dishes."
Valorous Women

Honor the strong women in your lifeor yourselfwith women of the Bible pins ($95 each plus shipping and handling) created by Noni for Galerie Robin. Ten designs are available: Miriam (shown above), as well as Deborah, Hannah, Judith, Leah, Rachel, Rebecca, Ruth, Sarah and the Shabbat Queen.

Too Much on Your Plate

Blu Greenberg was a young mother in the 1970s, caring for five small children and working a part-time job near her Riverdale, N.Y., home. Though destined to become a leader in the Orthodox feminist movement, to serve on the boards of a host of Jewish organizations, and to write four books, back then she wasn't terribly organized when it came to Passover preparations.

Keeping Kosher in Newport
Newport, Rhode Island, has been the site of many firsts in the United States: the first free public school, the first post office, the first woman doctor and, of course, the first synagoguethe Touro Synagogue.

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