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Something Fishy
Give your holiday gefilte fish a home of its own with this whimsical ceramic plate designed by Canadian artist Wynter Rosen.

A Thing of Beauty
Usher in a sweet and elegant year with this decoupage apple-andhoney set from The Jewish Museum.

If you’ve run out of ideas for High Holiday hostess gifts, Ruth Shapiro has a solution.

Lessons From a Queen
As a girl, did you dress up as Queen Esther at Purim?
Romancing the Dollar

When my husband and I separated last February, I never thought that I would find myself having to ask questions about our money. After all, I was the one who took care of paying our monthly bills and filing papers, so didn't I know everything there was to know?

Raising Moral Children

In our busy world, parenting is the work we do after we finish the "real" work of earning a living. Tired and distracted, we forget to talk with our children about which morals are important to us—if we’ve even taken time to define them for ourselves.


Stories are the heart and soul of Jewish life, the way we convey who we are and what we believe. Three new books, released in time for Rosh Hashanah, grow out of this tradition.

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