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Fertile Ground
Cultivating success in the natural food industry.

Pickled Perfection
Whether we hail from Eastern Europe or the Mediterranean, pickles are Jewish staple food.

Ancient Voices, Modern Wisdom
Reinterpreting the stories of biblical women helps us understand who we are and what we can become.

Rifts and Receptions
With love and diplomacy, women keep the peace at family gatherings.


Tooled for Success
Jewish women are grabbing the hammer by the handle and pursuing careers in home repair and construction.

Dangerous Liaisons
Without even knowing what's happening, bright and popular Jewish girls from supportive families become entangled in damaging relationships.

Extreme Tikkun Olam
Sometimes repairing the world calls on us to leave the familiar behind.

Making This Night Different
The whole family is coming for Seder and we want the food to shine. Four creative cooks show us how.


A Woman's Place
Running for the House and Senate, holding city and state office and working behind the scenes, Jewish women make their mark in American politics.

Kneading Tradition
Women have carried Jewish bread-baking customs down through the ages. Artisan baker Maggie Glezer set out to capture their recipes and techniques before they disappear.

Steeped in Strength
Being resilient when in the face of adversity is something Jewish women know a lot about.

Three Days to Educate, Motivate and Change the World
The milestone event Pursuing Truth, Justice and Righteousness: A Call to Action, the Second International Conference on Domestic Abuse in the Jewish Community will further advance the Jewish community's position as a global leader in ending abuse for all women and children.

Laughing Matters
You may know Linda Richman's name from her bestselling book, I'd Rather Laugh: How to Be Happy Even When Life Has Other Plans for You (Warner Books, 2001). Or perhaps you recognize her face, from TV guest spots on Oprah, The Today Show, The Early Show and others.


Women to Watch in 5765
We salute the accomplishments of 10 women who fearlessly tackle new challenges, while holding fast to their Jewish ideals.

For Every Food There Is a Season
Seasonal foods set the stage for holiday menus.

Choosing to live with less can make room for what’s really important.

A Growing Relationship
Professionally and personally, mentors can help us come into our own.


Meet the Sexperts
Jewish women who aren’t afraid to talk frankly and openly about women's sexual health.

A True Calling
Pursuing spiritually fulfilling work can make all the difference.

No-Sweat Summer Cooking
Meals are a breeze with pared-down fare.

Jewish Geography
Visiting Jewish sites and connecting with Jewish natives can transform ordinary trips into journeys of self-discovery and renewal.


Funny Girls
Gorgeous, fearless and profane—that’s today’s successful female stand-up Jewish comics.

Five-Star Seder
Having Seder at a fine restaurant is an antidote for holiday homesickness—and the food may be better than mom's.

Mainstream Mysticism
In Kabbalah, women find a way to make spirituality integral to their daily lives.

From Boys to Mensches
Ophelia, move aside: With the crises of adolescent girls now well documented, the plight of boys has begun to hit the radar.


A Breed Apart
Private Benjamin they're not: Meet some real Jewish women who decided to serve.

Comforting Stews
With beans and crock pots back in vogue, one-pot meals are suddenly trendybut they’ve never gone out of style in the Jewish world.

Connecting to the Light
In the glow of the Chanukah lights we can find a path to the divine lightand the best in ourselves.

Action That's Louder Than Words
It takes a chorus of action to break the silence around domestic abuse. Read how the JWI Call to Action is helping build momentum to end abuse worldwide.


Women to Watch in 5764
We celebrate the accomplishments of 10 women who look beyond the expected to find new ways of being and doing.

A Recipe from Memory
Compiling a family cookbook was Judy Bart Kancigor's strategy for preserving her family's recipes and stories for the next generation.

A Day to Bare Our Soulsand Find Ourselves
The lack of ritual makes Yom Kippur's power elusive. How do we make meaning from the holiest but most daunting day on the Jewish calendar?

Romancing the Dollar
One thing binds Jewish womenand all womentogether. We all need to understand and learn how to handle our finances.


The Big Chill
Before air-conditioning, Jews relied on cold soups.

Looking for Love in All the Right Places
Romantic luck can change when we break out of our comfort zones, take stock of ourselves and try something new.

Venus Envy
The pressure to be thin pervades our world, thanks to media images and peer pressure, making it tough for moms who want to help their daughters develop a positive body image.


Surviving Abuse
Grassroots efforts are helping Jewish women find safety, healing and awareness.

Too Much on Your Plate
Passover strategies for women who do too much.

Designing Women
Following in the stiletto footsteps of those who came before them, today's Jewish designers are making their mark in the world of fashion.

One Tough Cookie
No one said being the IDF’s spokesperson would be easy, but Sharon Feingold is up to the task.


The Pros Take On Chanukah
Top Jewish chefs share memories and recipes.

Gems of Israel - Israeli Jewelry Online
Meet 4 jewelry-makers who are designing in Israel and selling online.

A Magical Pursuit
The satisfying art of writing children's books

Rediscovering Shabbat
In a high-speed world, more women are turning to Shabbat as a way to find meaning and peace for themselves and their families.


A Growing Passion
Jewish Women Discover Gardening

Chuppahs of Hope
Weaving Meaning and Memory into the Wedding Canopy

Sephardic Salad
Lite Summer Fare From the Mediterranean


A Growing Passion
Jewish Women Discover Gardening

Chuppahs of Hope
Weaving Meaning and Memory into the Wedding Canopy

Sephardic Salad
Lite Summer Fare From the Mediterranean


Renewing the Exodus
Answering Passover’s Call to Action.

Sacred Time, Sacred Space
Holding Fast to the Family Dinner.

The Art of Delectable Passover Desserts
We’ve come a long way from the days when sponge cake and canned macaroons were our only options to conclude the Seder meal.


Exploring Our Roots, Finding Ourselves
In learning about our ancestors’ lives, we also learn who we are.

The Art of Giving: Contemporary Tzedakah Boxes
The simple box that embodies one of Judaism’s most basic tenetsthe commandment to help those in needis enjoying an unexpected renaissance.

Women Keeping the Faith
In many homes, it’s the mothers who shoulder the responsibility of making Judaism part of their children’s lives.